Monday, 3 September 2012

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Industry in India

There are many big and small size KPO companies in India, but before knowing them lets understand what does the term KPO or 'Knowledge Process Outsourcing' actually mean - KPO means outsourcing of an organization's specific business activities to other geographic locations where the business activity may be done in a better and less expensive way or where labour charges are comparatively lower.

However, the location where business is being outsourced must possess considerable amount of knowledge expertise. The business activities which are mostly outsourced include market research, equity research, legal research, publishing, IPR, designing, etc.

According to various interrelated estimates, the worldwide KPO market is estimated to cross US$ 20 billion in coming years. India alone accounts for nearly two-third of this global market. Low cost destinations, such as India, attract many global organizations for outsourcing purposes. KPO offers good business opportunities for Indian entities, and will help them in providing high value services.

The major KPOs operating in India are WNS Global Services, Aptara, Genpact, Evalueserve, Copal Partners, EXL Service, McKinsey Knowledge Centre, Cians Analytics, Absolute Data, Pipal Research, RocSearch, Smart Analyst, The Smart Cube, Tecnova, RR Donnelley, Cvent, Eon Technologies, and Grail Research.

Apart from the above mentioned KPOs, there are many more companies in the KPO space which are active in India and are winning huge outsourcing contracts on a regular basis.

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